Word Riot first opened up shop in March 2002 and has become one of the best known and most reputable online journals on the interwebs.

We like edgy. We like experimental. We like publishing the best up-and-coming writers and poets so we can say we knew 'em when.

Updated, 10/7/14: We are limiting submissions to one submission per writer per quarter across all genres. Additional submissions will be declined unread. Please ensure that you are submitting your best, most polished work.

Fiction under 1000 words. Please don't explain/tell us about the piece in your cover letter. 
Short story submissions should be no less than 1000 words and no greater than 6500. Please don't explain/tell us about the piece in your cover letter. 
We will accept submissions of novel excerpts up to 6500 words in length. Please include a brief synopsis of your novel and a general overview of its theme. We will take into consideration the limitations imposed by submitting an excerpt best understood in the context of a novel.

Additionally, selections from longer works such as screenplays and novellas may be considered under this category.
The stretching form category includes experimental and unique writing that we feel exists beyond the usual categories of fiction, poetry, and essay. Submissions should be no longer than 6500 words in length.

We’re interested in reading both full-length personal essays (1000 to 6500 words) and very short nonfiction pieces (650 words or less). Whatever the length or the subject matter, preference will be given to compelling stories strong in lyricism, wit, compassion, or daring.

Works accepted the creative nonfiction section will appear under the author's real name. Pseudonyms are not permitted.

Please send between 3 and 6 poems. Include all poems in a single document. Submissions that include fewer than 3 poems or more than 6 poems will be declined unread.

We are not currently interested in found poetry, erasures, or centos.

We are interested in book reviews of literary and experimental fiction and poetry. Our primary interest is in books from small, independent and university presses but we will accept reviews of books from large publishing houses.

Similarly, we are primarily interested in interviews with authors and poets who publish with small, independent and university presses but we will accept interviews of authors and poets who are published by large houses.

Are you an obsessive reader? Do you keep tabs on the latest buzz about the small press and indie lit scene? Are you engaged in multiple subtweet threads with your favorite writers at this very moment?

You just might be a great addition to Word Riot's blogging team. Use this form to send original content or pitch any ideas you have for ongoing posts. 

Writers and poets previously published on Word Riot are invited to send us any news and updates about publications, readings and events, or what they've been up to. We may include these updates on the Word Riot blog (launching soon).

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